Deployment through Change Sets

Step 0: Connect your Sandbox and Production orgs
Setup >> Deploy >> Deployment Connections 
You’ll only need to do this once!
Step 1: Navigate to the Outbound Change Sets page in Sandbox
Setup >> Deploy >> Outbound Change Sets
Step 2: Add all necessary components to a new change set, then upload to Production
Step 3: Login to your production org, find the Inbound Change Set, and deploy!
Setup >> Deploy >> Inbound Change Sets

Change sets
A change set is a means by which one organization can send customizations to another organization.
For example, you could create a new object in a sandbox organization and send it to your production organization using a change set. Change sets can only contain modifications you can make through the Setup menu; therefore, you can't use a change set to upload a list of contact records. In other words, change sets contain metadata, not data.

Sending a change set between two organizations requires a deployment connection. Change sets can only be sent between organizations that are affiliated with a production organization—for example, a production organization and a sandbox, or two sandboxes created from the same organization.

To deploy a change set:
1.From Setup, click Deploy | Inbound Change Sets.
2.In the Change Sets Awaiting Deployment list, click the name of the change set you want to deploy.
3.Click Deploy.
A change set is deployed in a single transaction. If the deployment is unable to complete for any reason, the entire transaction is rolled back. After a deployment completes successfully, all changes are committed to your organization and the deployment can’t be rolled back.
You can validate a change set without deploying changes. Validating a change set allows you to view the success or failure messages you would receive with an actual deploy.
1.From Setup, click Deploy | Inbound Change Sets.
2.Click the name of a change set.
3.Click Validate.
Viewing Available Deployment Connections
To view available connections, from
Setup, click Deploy | Deployment Connections


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