Roles Profile and Licences

Roles Profile and Licences
Roles – Roles control the hierarchy of the users (control whose records you see)
Profile – Profiles control access to users within the limit of functionality available though Licence(control what objects and fields you can see and to what extent you can work upon those i.e. visible, read, create, edit and delete)
1.    Custom App Settings
2.    Connected App Access
3.    Tab Settings
4.    Administrative Permissions
5.    General User Permissions
6.    Standard Object Permissions
7.    Custom Object Permissions
8.    Desktop Integration Clients
Licence – entitles a user to different functionality within the Salesforce and determines which profiles and permission sets are available to the user.

Licence provides functionality access, within this functionality if you want to restrict a user to only some portion of functionality use profiles. Roles allow you to have access to the functionality of others below you restricted to record level for analysis and monitoring.


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