Schedule export backup of your Salesforce Data

Schedule export backup of your Salesforce Data
You can generate backup files manually once every six days or schedule them to generate automatically at weekly or monthly intervals.  The backup file will come to you in the form a zip file that contains all of your organization’s data in a set of CSV (comma-separated values) files.
Click Setup >Data Management > Data Export > Schedule Export (or Export Now).
Points to Remember:
1.     Formula and roll-up summary fields are never included in exports.
2.     Articles are not included from exports.
3.     The export notification email is sent to the email address on file for the user who created the scheduled export. There is no way to indicate another email address. If as an Administrator you want the email to go to another person, have them grant you login access, login as them and schedule the data export.
1.     Scheduled backup exports of your data is limited to weekly exports.
2.     You have 48 hours from the time you are notifiedthe backup is available to download the backup file.
3.     The email notification for backups goes to the email address in Salesforce of the person logged in who schedules the backup


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